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Dialect Survey Privacy Policy

Information Collection

The Dialect Survey project asks you to provide a variety of personal data, including your name, age, gender and location. This information is vital in our research goal of developing a greater understanding of the linguistic features used in North America today. Providing honest, accurate answers helps the accuracy of our research, and we thank you for participating in our survey.

Information Sharing

The personal information you provide will be used only by Professor Vaux and his research assistants. The information will never be accessible in any way by any other third party. The Dialect Survey data may be published in aggregate, but no individual personal information will be disclosed. Particiants' privacy and anonymity will be maintained.


The Dialect Survey is hosted by the Harvard Computer Society, a Harvard student organization for technology enthusiasts. Physical, electronic and procedural measures are in place to prevent unauthorized access to Dialect Survey data.

As an additional security measure, we suggest using a unique password, one that is not used for any other accounts.

Questions, Suggestions and Contact Information

Questions and comments about the survey itself may be directed to Professor Bert Vaux <vaux @ fas.harvard.edu>

Technical difficulties (e.g. inability to submit survey, malfunctioning web page) may be directed to Scott Golder <golder @ fas.harvard.edu>