Dialect Survey

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102. What do you call the insect that looks like a large thin spider and skitters along the top of water?
     a. waterbug (46.05%)
     b. Jesus bug (0.50%)
     c. waterstrider (13.55%)
     d. strider (0.54%)
     e. water-spider (6.26%)
     f. watercrawler (0.67%)
     g. water beetle (1.97%)
     h. backstrider (0.14%)
     i. skimmer (3.72%)
     j. I have no word for this (21.95%)
     k. other (4.65%)
     (10615 respondents)

All Results

Choice a: waterbug

Choice b: Jesus bug

Choice c: waterstrider

Choice d: strider

Choice e: water-spider

Choice f: watercrawler

Choice g: water beetle

Choice h: backstrider

Choice i: skimmer

Choice j: I have no word for this

Choice k: other