Dialect Survey

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62. What do you call the long narrow place in the middle of a divided highway?
     a. median strip (13.36%)
     b. median (79.22%)
     c. boulevard (0.09%)
     d. mall (0.02%)
     e. traffic island (0.69%)
     f. neutral ground (0.24%)
     g. island (2.05%)
     h. park strip (0.02%)
     i. I have no word for this (2.48%)
     j. other (1.82%)
     (10711 respondents)

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Choice a: median strip

Choice b: median

Choice c: boulevard

Choice d: mall

Choice e: traffic island

Choice f: neutral ground

Choice g: island

Choice h: park strip

Choice i: I have no word for this

Choice j: other