Dialect Survey

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73. What is your *general* term for the rubber-soled shoes worn in gym class, for athletic activities, etc.?
     a. sneakers (45.50%)
     b. shoes (1.93%)
     c. gymshoes (5.55%)
     d. sand shoes (0.03%)
     e. jumpers (0.01%)
     f. tennis shoes (41.34%)
     g. running shoes (1.42%)
     h. runners (0.17%)
     i. trainers (0.23%)
     j. I have no general word for this (0.89%)
     k. other (2.95%)
     (10722 respondents)

All Results

Choice a: sneakers

Choice b: shoes

Choice c: gymshoes

Choice d: sand shoes

Choice e: jumpers

Choice f: tennis shoes

Choice g: running shoes

Choice h: runners

Choice i: trainers

Choice j: I have no general word for this

Choice k: other