Dialect Survey

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81. When you are cold, and little points of skin begin to come on your arms and legs, you have-
     a. goose bumps (89.87%)
     b. goose flesh (0.28%)
     c. goose pimples (7.30%)
     d. chill bumps (1.21%)
     e. chill bugs (0.01%)
     f. chilly bumps (0.07%)
     g. cold-chill bumps (1.26%)
     h. other (0.00%)
     (10699 respondents)

All Results

Choice a: goose bumps

Choice b: goose flesh

Choice c: goose pimples

Choice d: chill bumps

Choice e: chill bugs

Choice f: chilly bumps

Choice g: cold-chill bumps

Choice h: other