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82. What do you call the gooey or dry matter that collects in the corners of your eyes, especially while you are sleeping?
     a. crackling (0.16%)
     b. sleep (37.78%)
     c. sleeper (4.23%)
     d. sleepy (1.56%)
     e. sleepies (5.17%)
     f. sleepy seed (1.67%)
     g. sleepy bugs (0.75%)
     h. eye booger (10.68%)
     i. eye shit (0.45%)
     j. eye crunchie (0.13%)
     k. eye crusties (3.10%)
     l. sand (7.77%)
     m. kitty (0.05%)
     n. gunk (7.09%)
     o. matter (1.63%)
     p. I have no word for this (8.73%)
     q. other (9.05%)
     (10627 respondents)

All Results

Choice a: crackling

Choice b: sleep

Choice c: sleeper

Choice d: sleepy

Choice e: sleepies

Choice f: sleepy seed

Choice g: sleepy bugs

Choice h: eye booger

Choice i: eye shit

Choice j: eye crunchie

Choice k: eye crusties

Choice l: sand

Choice m: kitty

Choice n: gunk

Choice o: matter

Choice p: I have no word for this

Choice q: other